Monday, August 1, 2011

My Thoughts Exactly - August Stamp Release

Hey everyone!  It's hard to believe it's August already!  I'm still on my vacation (yes, this was a scheduled post) and if you are wondering where I am, I'm in Vancouver enjoying my outing with my sister!  I was so excited for this day because the two new sets from My Thoughts Exactly stamps are amazing! 

It follows the mix and match style using puns once again, and this time, the theme is SWEETS and BBQ/PICNIC! 

Sweet Thoughts

Grillin n Chillin

Fun, isn't it?  You should've seen all of the design team trying to come up with all sorts of sentiments from the Grillin n Chillin set...  you can get quite creative and can get quite naughty with this one!  We had way too much fun!  I would love to see what you girls can come up with from this set!

Anyway, I was in charge of creating something with the BBQ/picnic set...  but decided to keep it clean :)  I thought that it would be fun to create little shaped cards and put that all in a picnic basket. 


...and the cards fit into a picnic basket!


With the "stamps" that I used in my project - it's actualy a digital graphic.  I needed to create this before I left, so had the digital file sent over to me.  I tried to size it to match what the actual stamp size would be, but having never seen it, it was hard. 

So, I found the picnic basket over at MyGrafico Basket Bonanza.  It's a really cute file and so easy to make.  I really wanted to get a paper that had a wicker look and even went to a pretty good scrapbook store looking for it, but no such luck... So... I decided to do it with a wood grain paper, but after I make it, my son says to me, "it looks like a zebra!" Oh, whatever, I think it's cute, anyway.


I embellished the outside of the basket with ants crawling around it and a stamp "life's a picnic" decorated with lace and twine.  I also added a butterfly making it look like it just landed there from LD Butterflies Simple Shapes.  The basket file actually doesn't have a slit in the middle, but I decided to cut it making it look more realistic like what all picnic baskets do :)

Inside, I filled it with items that you may find in the basket - mustard bottle, hamburger, hotdog, well... likely ants, and no, not this one, but a BBQ grill.  I made each of these into a shaped card and put together a sentiment from the stamp set that would be perfect for it.  I embossed and put twine around each of them to make it a little more fun!  All of the files comes from Lettering Delights Backyard Fun SVGs.

For the mustard bottle, "some like it HOT".


For the hamburger - "How have you bun?" Love this one!


For the hotdog - "you're a real HOT dog!"


Here's the BBQ grill - "GRILL-in n' chillin'"


and the ant... "it wouldn't be a PICNIC without some ANTS"  Icky, but true...


Aren't the stamps so cute?  Of course, there's WAY more combinations that you can make with the set...  If you would like to purchase, please click here and will take you back to the store. 

Here's the last look of my project... yeah, I know you've seen enough :)


I hope that you enjoyed this project:)  If you are interested in purchasing any of the stamp sets, please click here! There is a gift with purchase - a special cutting file created by Lenae for the Sweet Thoughts stamp set, and a file created by Belinda for the Grillin n Chillin stamp set :) 

Go visit the rest of the team to see their amazing projects using these stamps!

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OH, and I am planning on having another challenge on my Facebook page, so stay tuned! It'll be sometime in mid-August!

Okay, everyone - I'm off (well, I'm already gone! lol...) and catch ya all later when I get back!


  1. As always you make in bbq sauce! I love this Thienly, there's so much!
    I hope you're having a great vacation!

  2. Wow this is so incredible I can't wait to make one of these! I absolutely love everything about it!

  3. As always this is a crazy awesome project!! :-D LOVE it, and so cute to put all of them away in the picnic basket! Your son cracked me up with his zebra comment... :-P Hope you are enjoying your vacation! Miss you! :-D

  4. Oh my gosh Thienly, you always have the cutest cards/containers. I LOVE your zebra basket LOL. Just kidding-I think it looks very wood-like. Great job.

  5. Thienly, the second I saw your project, I got so excited! Everything is amazing, and professional quality. You're my hero!

  6. Amazing!!! You impress me EVERY time! I LOVE it!!!

  7. omg...these shaped cards are so darn are so creative....

  8. Thienly, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! Just freaking amazing, I really have no other words! Your son is too funny :P I definitely thought your picnic basket looked like wood :) as always your project blows me away! I think Jen is on to something, you should go pro and sell your stuff :)

  9. I love all the grillin' stuff. Makes me want to have a party!



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