Thursday, July 21, 2011

I finally played with my Sew Easy!

... and I love it!  Yes, I love it, and I wondered why I waited for long! No, I didn't wait... I didn't have time. 

I just made a really simple card today, just so I can say that I've USED it!   Nothing extravagant, so don't get excited.


I've used the Scallop stitch piercer and decided to create a "streamer" feel and make it into a birthday card.  I did three lines across the top of the card and used two colors of floss alternating through each scalloped holes to create this look.  I think it's cute the way it turned out.  



This cute little beaver is from the Birthday Bash cartidge :)

So, a few tips... 
1.  Make sure that you're holding upright - none of the corners of the piercer plastic is resting on the paper.
2.  Don't attempt this tool without the mat!  You need the mat to make nice holes... perhaps a foam mouse pad would work, though :)
2.  It helps to have a faint line on your paper where you want the piercer to roll....  I didn't do this, and that's why it's a little crooked.
3.  Have consistent pressure and press down quite a bit...  the bigger holes it makes, the easier it is to stitch.

So, as I was doing this, my mom looks at me and tells me that it's a neat little gadget, but seems so ancient compared to all the diecutters and embossing machines that I've been using..  yeah, I guess it is back to the old-fashioned style..  It's kinda relaxing to lace through each hole (reminds me of those preschool lacing toys) but I must agree, an electronic piercer, even a machine that would do this for me would make it so much easier.  I can't imagine but wonder if that would be one of the next cool gadgets that would come out in the upcoming CHAs.  Just imagine - you would be working on a computer with a software, and you can program it to make holes in any stitch style you like (can even download new ones!) and line up the holes perfectly so that it starts and ends in the spot you want it to... can make different sized stitching holes...  can detect a drawing and create holes around the graphic (to make the lacing toy!)...  oh, the possibilities are endless!

Regardless, this is a fun little gadget - not too expensive, unless you go all out and get all the floss and piercers available on the market, and adds something different to your everyday projects.  I have lots of ideas in my head how I would want to use this, so yes, you will see me using more of this tool... 

So, onto another thing... I made a really simple card, but I think it's pretty and elegant.  This card only uses one graphic Elegant Party Table from Jessica Weible graphics, and did a print and cut on the card.  What makes this stand out is that this graphic was printed twice, one serving as the base of the card, and the other, was put through the Silhouette to just cut some of the hanging ball decorations.  The table was handcut manually.  You can adjust what you want to cut by adjusting the "high pass" button and "threshold" lever.
I added foam dots to the back of them and brought the pieces out, added some bling to it and a ribbon, with a "congratulations" stamp - and voila! In 10 min, I have made a wedding card!



Here's a digital scrapbook layout I did with Miss Tiina's graphics!  I used Vector Backyard Play for most graphics, and Vector Full of Beans for the grass.

Okay, that's it!
Good bye for now!


  1. As always, so much gorgeous! I think your sew easy card is adorable, and it was only your first try! And WOW that print and cut card is gorgeous!! You are just killing me with the print and cut making me want a Sil!! I am glad you have found a little free time to play with some new (sort of) tools! I hope you can just relax and enjoy crafting for a while :)

  2. So as I was using my little purple sewing machine, the foot pedal broke and I REALLY (I can't believe I said that) wanted to sew stuff, so I've been jonesin' for sewing for a while and really kicked myself for not getting this little tool. Ahhh well it'll be the big cutter first. I want to crawl in your head and see where you get these ideas from! Beautiful

  3. Beautiful Thienly!! I am so sad I have to wait awhile to get this. I forgot I'll be on vacation and I don't want the thing to be delivered during then. :( Oh well. Love the print and cut too!

  4. Lovely cards, Thienly! I'm especially loving your stitching

  5. I love discovering tools I've had forever and just never really used! I love my sew easy, it's been neglected since I got my new stamps...I think I need to dust her off for my next project :)



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