Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wow - where do I begin??? the story of my life :)

It just seems like the last three weeks of my life has been crazy busy!  I guess it's a good thing - my parents were in Japan for the past 3 1/2 weeks and I would normally terribly miss them, but this time, I didn't even have time to think about that!  It started off by my decision to resign from SVG Cuts DT, and if that wasn't big enough -  just 2 days later, Tamara and I decided to embark on this whole new adventure, Paper Dolls.  I basically had 2 days of downtime, before everything picked up again! LOL!  Not much of a downtime, I'd say... with the 2 days "off" that I had, I had to create my hubby's Women's Cancer for the Cure Walk Fundraising Dinner tickets and advertisements, and had a request from my hubby to make baby cards.  Literally, there were 5-6 babies that were born in the last little while and we had the gifts, but no cards to go with it. So, trying to think of easy way out, I decided to try out a LD file!

Wow - that felt strange.  I mean, I'm so used to SVGCuts files.  I basically know what cuts belong to each collection from that store, so now moving on to different company files (and knowing that I can use them) felt weird. 

Anyway, I just took those adorable bundled up babies from the Peek-a-Boo Collection and made some simple cards with them.  I just cut out a flip image of the baby shadow and scored the top of the bottom cardstock and glued them at the top. 

Here it is! and see how many I made! I'm safe to not make baby cards for few more baby occasions! LOL!


It's a simple card, but LD files are so cute on its own!
Here's the boy baby ones...Photobucket

and the girl baby ones... lots huh?
PhotobucketThe only thing that bugs me is the eyes.  I know how perfect a Silhouette can cut according to Jin (Under A Cherry Tree), so now I want it just so I can cut eyes! LOL!

Anyway, that's it for today! It's very easy cards, but thought it was cute, so I decided to share!

Oh, make sure if you have any pretty things that you'd like to share - go to the Paper Dolls blog - we're having a linky party (only for another 8 hours)! (share any project using any SVG file!)


  1. These are just way too cute!! Simple, but great! I have to agree, it feels weird knowing we can use other files..and share what we made! LOL! Great work, Thienly! Sooo happy to be doing Paper Dolls with ya!

  2. So cute! LD has such fun graphics and svgs! You're so talented, you make everything look so easy! BTW- I didn't get a message from you... did you send it to memoriesbyannadawn@yahoo.com? Or my personal email is annadawnhook@yahoo.com. :-)

  3. I just love these...I've been copying what I want to cut, paste it twice, flip one over,then change the shape to shadow then weld them...It works great as long as the shape isn't tooo big.



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