Friday, November 26, 2010

Stitching on paper - my newest crafting technique.

Did I tell you that I just got a sewing machine?  I wanted one for the longest time - and having chance to use my mom's over the summer for my scrapbooking projects made me want it more.  I love the stitched look, and I love the fact that even though you don't have to do it perfectly.  It still makes your projects look good, and somehow, it adds warmth and the feel of "handmade" to them.

Anyway, I never realized how hard it is to use a sewing machine.  I never had that much trouble learning the Cricut or any of the software to go with it, I can operate my Big shot fine, I can seem to use my binding tools...  but, I can't seem to grasp the sewing machine too well.  For days, I had problems with stitches, being uneven, or too much/less tension...  and got my mom to take a look at it, and I had threaded it wrong!  Duh!  I got her to do the bobbin thing too for me, so don't ask me to change the color of the thread until this one is done.  Hahaha..

Nevertheless, I did get the stitching thing going, and made two Christmas "quilted" cards.  The stamps are from Technique Tuesday, and all I did was I adhered the small square pieces onto the card and sewed it on.  A card made in 5 minutes, and I love the look!

Hope that you had a great Thanksgiving, and Black Friday shopping! 
I splurged on the Craftysteals Black Friday sale and got the Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress Starter pack.  Sooo excited!  Not to mention 6 packs of paper, ATG gun (finally) and 2 Cricut carts (sorry, SVGCuts - it was too good of a deal and was calling out my name)! 
Now it's your turn - tell me what you bought!


  1. This looks so fabulous... love the stitched quilted look.

  2. oh woww I love this... I need to try that... I have a sewing machine just sitting here collecting dust...

  3. I love sewing too lately...another whole dimension. I didn't go shopping....saving up for something...however, I did manage to take hubby and bought to MS punches....heart and border to add a little something to OWH cards...I'm determined to make this deadline....LOVE LOVE your card!

  4. Thienly
    Your card is lovely. Isn't stitching fun? Wait until you get into the fancy stitches, oh my, what fun you will have. I have a card on my blog that has fancy vine stitching on it. I am trying hard to find time to do some different ones for Christmas. You inspired me to try a Christmas quilt card. Thanks

  5. Great stitching on the card. I inherited a machine and I have problems figuring out mine (no manual). Can not get it to do a zig zag stitch. In regards to black friday -- I was cropping instead of shopping. Nearly caught up on 2010 which is great! I do have one of those ATG guns on my list for santa.

  6. Beautiful work I need to get the machine out sometime,I love all your other work as well, I'll be in here regular now for some inspiration.



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