Friday, October 26, 2012

Tiered Cupcake Stand. - SVG Cuts DT Project!

Hey all!

I'm so excited that I have been able to share so much stuff with you lately!
(However, this is the last of it... I have nothing else to share at this time,
so better SAVOR. EVERY. PART. of this post as you may not be here for a while!)

So, this recent project that went up...
I had this on my mind since February???
I've been meaning to make this, and then got sidetracked, and made

But I never forgot about this one.
I imagined it strongly in my head that ONE DAY...
I'm going to make it.

So here it is.


It looks a little intimidating, but that's probably all the embellishments that I put on it..
The base is actually easy to make!

You can totally do this up all in white (Fleurette's style),
or do it up Christmas-y (with holly and berries around it, even put a Christmas tree topper!)
Endless possibilities!

I'll show ya some upclose pics now!


I used a wooden dowel as a support through this whole stand, 
so it's nice and sturdy! 
The dowel can be cut, but to same me some time, 
I covered it up with a party hat on top - voila!


I seriously love the Rosie's Ribbon Strips SVG Collection... 
it's really basic collection, and it may not be the first to appeal to you, 
but yeah, you'll use it. 
 It just gives a little added touch to your projects :)
(Here, I used it for the trim around my tiers)


I gotta say, this is my fave pic out of all... 
probably NOT because of what my project looks like, 
but has the best view of my chocolates and cupcakes... 

It was SO HARD to take these shots...
the lighting, the composition of the photos, of course...
but what made it challenging than other projects that I do -
were my three kids DROOLING and IMPATIENTLY waiting for the 'GO' signal 
so that they can eat these cupcakes... 
(The first day of my photos, it didn't come out the way I wanted, 
so the kids unfortunately had to wait one more day before they got their hands on them!)


Love this Jazzy Cat... she knows how to party it up.



Don't you just love that flair button? 
It's from Tamara's store, Paper Play Studio
I was so excited to use it!

...and of course, 
I had to make the ever famous teapot and the teacup to go with this. 
Girls can't have a tea party without it!



Aren't these papers the cutest? 
It's from October Afternoon's Cakewalk collection... 
totally love them!

If you're interested in making this...
Here are the kits/collection you need to make the base.

Depending on what theme you'd like to make it - will decide on the rest what you'll need!
I used 3D Numbers SVG Kit for pennants.
I used Tea for You and Me SVG Kit as 'extra' pieces to go with the stand.

...and then head over to SVG Cuts' blog for detailed measurements and instructions.

So, really - all you need is THREE KITS!
The rest of the embellishments that you'll see is ALL FREE DOWNLOADS!
Yay! Don't you just love it when it's free?
There's SO MANY adorable free downloads... and so easy to forget about them, right?
Here's your chance to use it!

I hope that you liked my project today!
If you ever make one - I'd LOVE to see it!
Post it on SVG Cuts' wall, my modpaperie wall, e-mail it to me...
It makes my day when I have inspired others. :)

Alright - before I let you go...
Did you see the newest kit from SVG Cuts?
Clara's Christmas Eve SVG Kit.

This one is AMAZING.
I seriously couldn't believe this is ALL PAPER...


Look at the Nutcracker... just WOW.
and the ballet slippers!
I know that's gonna slip right into my daughter's feet the moment I make them!

This one is yours FREE with $9.98 purchase or more this week!


  1. OMG!!! I can only begin to imagine how much time it takes you to make something like this!! It is amazing. Love the tea pot and tea cup too!

  2. OMG Thienly! This is the bomb! You are so super talented and I LOVE this project!! Awesome project, beautiful papers and GREAT cuts!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. I am in shock and awe. This is simply amazingly beautiful.

  4. Are you kidding me! This is completely breathtaking! Come over and celebrate my birthday, will ya? You have plenty of's not until March!



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