Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Friday!!!

Hello to all my friends, FWF friends...

I am SO GLAD that this week is coming to a close... 
I've been SO BUSY, and I feel like I'm running around without having time to breathe! 
I just have a few more things that need to get done, and THIS SUNDAY AFTERNOON... 
YES, in about 65 hours... (can you tell that I can't wait?)
it'll be MY time.

(It's been all so fun,
 but Halloween, baby shower, school volunteering, 
planning for my hubby's Christmas parties, celebrating a birthday... 
can all be SO exhausting, too!)

I'll hopefully get to craft from there, and catch up on all my friends' blogs and their latest crafts, etc...

Anyhow, I just wanted to post this card 
(you may have seen it on the Unity Stamp Company blog 
if you were curious about this week's Stamp of the Week #44 image.)

This one is totally practical - one that I'll know I'll use a lot.

It's a birthday stamp, and can't have enough of them!

Here's what I made!

I stamped the candles and stars onto separate pieces of paper, 
cut them out and paper pierced it together.
(had to add my fave jute twine as a wick, too!)

The sentiment portion was inked, and the candles part was covered up with paper before stamping :)

I cut out little stars out from big star (in both vellum and kraft paper).  
I sprayed the vellum with Mister Huey's clear Calico Mist and sprinkled some gold glitter on it. 
Both were sewn together, and backed with yellow paper for the stars.

I got to use my washi tapes and my Heidi Swapp Color Shine (Primrose) as well! 


Yeah, this card actually took A LOT of work... 
I think that I was experimenting a bit :) 
 I've never let these mists 'drop' onto my work before, and I was SOOO nervous. 
 This is a new style for me, and just had fun doing it!

So, here's the image!


If you're interested in signing up for SOTW - click here.

Before I let you go - Unity Stamp Company is having a fabulous sale on the itty bittys
It's buy one, get another for a $1, so it's time to stock up!... 
you get a BIG adorable mitten stamp for FREE if you purchase over $30!


...huh? You have all the itty bittys you could ever want? 
Well, I know that's impossible
but if that's the case, 
take a look at the three NEW ones that just came out, too! SO CUTE!


Anyway, that's it from me today... I promise I'll craft a bit more next week! 

ALTHOUGH... as busy as I may have been...
for the SVG Cuts' fans... 
I actually did make a new design team project this week! 
So, I'm off to write it up, and to take pics! 
I have a hunch you're gonna like this one! :) 
(I did use a Unity stamp on it, too!)

Have a beautiful weekend girls! :)


  1. This card is super cute. Love it.

  2. Totally awesome card! I love all of the colors!

  3. Totally cute and colorful! I just LOVE how you used washi tape in your design. :)

  4. great showcasing the stamp set... love the layering
    ava g

  5. this is cute!! love the candles and the tiny stars... also the washi and the colors!!

  6. Wow. that card was a lot of work. Lots of layers and applications going on there. I hope whoever gets it appreciates all the work!

  7. This card just blows me away! Nice job!

  8. I love the card! The stamp is soooo perfect.

  9. This card is festive, fancy, and oh so fabulous! I know it took a lot of tedious work to put it together, but the result it SO worth it! Awesome!

  10. I LOVE this, the colors and your design are just so fun and happy!

  11. This card is just wonderful, like everything else I have seen you make!

  12. OMG...this card is fabulous! Love the way you put it all together!

  13. I cannot even figure out how you do it.... all that you have to take care of and then consistently be able to produce such WONDERFUL and AWESOME projects. And your experimenting turned out beautiful!

  14. Hope you get some YOU time this weekend! What a great way to use this stamp of the week -- love this!

  15. LOVE your birthday card!!! SO CUTE!!! (=

  16. So cute! All that work really paid off because all the elements came together beautifully!



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