Monday, November 5, 2012

Christmas Sled Decor - SVG Cuts DT Project.

Hello all!!!!

My latest project over at SVG Cuts went up today, 
and I am just in shock by the all the positive comments left there :)  
I feel so loved!

Anyway, this project inspiration came from the first snowfall the other day. 
Kids wanted to go tobogganing, and then I had my A-HA moment! 
(I just LOVE those moments... I love how it just comes all of a sudden... so magical!)
A sled made from candy cane and crate boards!

Well... as easy as this may sound, 
actually, it took me a LONG time to THE candy cane file that I can use to make this. 

 Mary's candy canes are all SUPER CUTE, however...
 they ALL have the same cute curve to it.  
I cannot possibly mount a board on a curved piece... 
and then... after going through all my PDFs...
 I found the right one.  
Just the one I was looking for, and it was the ONLY candy that would work...

It was a candy cane from a baking card in the Gingerbread Chalet SVG Kit.  

From there on, everything came together nicely.  
There was NO WELDING, NO ALTERATION of any files... 
(VERY UNLIKE any of my SVG Cuts' projects) so not only it was easy to make,
 but was simple for me to do the write up, and that means... 
it should be straight-forward for YOU to make! :)

I wanted this sled to look 'real'... 
something with a vintag-y look to it, 
and has the similar magic to the Christmas Lantern Streetlamp that I did last year.

I found THE perfect wood paper inside This & That Christmas collection from Echo Park, 
and THE perfect sentiment from my Unity Stamps - Snowflake Falls from Heaven.

...and of course, I had to add in some skates, wintergreens, a cardinal... 
I was already able to picture this thing made before I even made it!

Anyway, here is the completed project!


You know, the photos make a HUGE difference in the way a project looks, 
and I always get so nervous when it's time to submit my project photos in. 

 Leo is a photography pro, 
so he wants good lighting, proper focus, good photo set up, etc. 

 I guess this is a good thing... 
because this was a part of a requirement for the design team projects, 
I do have to thank Leo that my photos have gotten quite a bit better over the years. 
 It is satisfying when you get a good shot, and I do agree - photos do make a HUGE impact.


I just LOVE these 3D Wintergreen files... 
you can add them onto any Christmas project and it makes everything look amazing!


With the pair of skates, I `laced` them up with thin jute twine, 
and used a thicker one to hang them on the sled :)


... and here's the stamp that I think created all the 'magic' to this project.
 I just LOVE Unity Stamps, 
and I love the fact that I can always use SVG Cuts and Unity products together.

Well, here's a shot that was never shown in the SVG Cuts' blog...
 it's a side view of my project - 
which may help some of you 'visually see' how this is all assembled together.


This is all surprisingly sturdy. 
The thicker you make the `runners` (candy cane) - the more durable your project will be.

That`s it!

To make the sled itself, all you need are 3 kits.

Then, I used the following 3 collections/kits to embellish:

However, like I mentioned in the SVG Cuts' blog 
(FULL instructions and DIMENSION info are there!) 
YOU can embellish any way you want to!

Add mitts, cup of hot chocolate and cookies.
Perhaps, have the sled lay flat, and add presents and snowman on it.
or... size the whole thing down, and voila - you have a Christmas ornament!

Possibilities with SVG Cuts' files are endless!

I hope that you all will be inspired by my project today, 
and that you`ll share your creations on the SVG Cuts' FB Page :)

Oh, and don't forget - 
the free file of the week - 
Thankful Cuties SVG Collection ends THIS Thursday midnight!



  1. This is absolutely adorable and so creative Thienly! I love it!!

  2. The sled so beautiful Thienly! Everything single detail is perfect... You've outdone yourself once again!!! LOVE IT!

  3. You are SO amazingly creative!! I love how your mind works. I'm bad about not coming to comment on your work since I get your emails but I just wanted to stop by and say WOWzer girl!!

  4. AMAZING! Love how you decorated the sleigh and the photos Leo took!
    Hugs and smiles

  5. This is one of your most amazing projects! It looks so real, it's just stunning! You are one of the most creative people I know. And I am so honored to know you and to have you as a friend! Keep the good stuff coming, girl! I know you'll keep amazing us! Hugs, Debra

  6. I absolutely love this project, one of my all time favorites!! Love seeing what you come up with, so much talent!!

  7. You truly amaze me with all of your dimensional projects! So intricate with the finest details. I love this! :)

  8. I love this sled. I looked at your directions over at svgcuts but have a question. You list cutting the lip.svg file from the Big Gift Bags at 20.60"wide. Is that size correct? How can you cut that big with the cutting machines? I hope you can answer me. I know this project was made quite a few years ago. But I would love to give it a try. Thank you very much

    1. So happy that you like my sled! This was definitely one of everyone's favorites! As for the size, yes, it is that big! Although some of the actual cut files are small, the artist has widened the width of the file to correspond with the rest of the project. If you open up the files, you probably will understand! :) If you still can't figure it out, let me know! I would love to see your version. Send me a picture if you don't mind - I'd love to see it! Thanks! -Thienly

    2. Can you use 12 x 12 paper for the big cuts? How big did you sled turn out to be both width and height so I can visualize a bit better. Thanks so much for your response.

    3. Definitely! I have this put away, but I recall it to be about 7 or 8 inches high? and about 4 inches wide. Thanks!

    4. Thank you so much!!! I am excited to give it a try.

  9. Thienly , I am so sorry to bother you again but I started to work on the sled and when I enter 20.60 for the width on the svg titled lip from the Big Christmas Bags the Santa Bag it goes to the 12 x 24 mat. But then if I bring in the white svg from the Gingerbread Chalet (baking card) and size it as in the instructions to 17.30 width x 10.30 high that candy cane shape is considerably smaller than the lip shape. Both of these say to cut in the brown and wood pattern papers. I just want to be sure I am understanding this correctly. I didn't expect it to need the 12 x 24 mat from how you answered my question a few months ago. Thank you for any help you can give me.

    1. Hello Kathleen,

      I’m so excited that you’re working on my sled project.

      You are correct - you do not need 12x24 mat. 
      When you first open the file and resize, yes, that will seem big (bigger than the 12x12 mat)
      However, from there, you’ll need to break apart the elements, delete everything else other than the white.svg. 
      That white.svg is what you’ll need to cut out.
      Try it again, and if you have any questions - don’t be afraid to ask me!


    2. I am trying to create your sled. I am also a bit confused about the dimensions. I brought in the lip.svg and made it 20.60 inches wide and it is huge.(I did not unlock the proportions, not sure if I should have). Then i brought in the crateboard1.svg and set the dimension to 7.25 width and it is considerably smaller than the lip.svg. I did some test cuts and they do not match up at all. I know I am doing something wrong but cannot figure it out. I am bringing everything into design space so maybe that is my problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    3. Can you e-mail me? I can send you screen shots to show you how it looks on a screen :)

  10. Those are exactly the problems I am having.I hope it is just something I am doing wrong or over looking.

  11. I thought about the ungrouping but the lip shows it as just one image so how do I get that the right size?

    1. I know it has to be something I am missing but not sure what. I am going to see if using SCAL makes any difference at all but my version is very old so not even sure if I can do it that way.

    2. Can you e-mail me? I can send you screen shots to show you how it looks on a screen :)

    3. just sent you an email. Thanks.



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