Friday, October 19, 2012

Trendy Twine Guest Designer: Halloween Cupcakes

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Hello all -
 Trendy Twine friends, SVG Cuts friends, Unity Stamp Company FWF friends...
I'm guest blogging for Trendy Twine blog today
and I'm super excited!
(and for my project today - I used products from all three of these companies,
so I'm spreading my love everywhere today!)

I love twine, especially Trendy Twine
They come out with the coolest color blends that NO OTHER companies make! 
It's so fun to be able to match your projects exactly with their perfect color combo!

Anyway, for my project - since they are featuring Orange Licorice twine this month 
AND running a Treats Packaging challenge
I couldn't resist but to make some Halloween cupcakes.  


No, I didn't go into my kitchen and make them... 
I'm not a good baker, 
and would rather keep those baking pictures to myself. :)

 I made them with paper using the most adorable 3D cupcake file from SVG Cuts, 
and decided to put a little 'twist' to it.
(Oooh, you know how I love twists...
just can't seem to make something the way it was supposed to be made!)

I sized down the cupcakes (8.00" wide) so that the bottom fits perfectly with the cupcake liners.
Kinda cuts down my work, too -
don't have to 'decorate' the bottom!

I covered them with BURLAP.
(oooh, yes, I LOVE burlap, and it's hard to NOT use them in my projects these days...)
This file is actually a box...
so it has a top (cupcake) and a bottom (liner).
I covered the top with two layers of burlap
(one layer would show through the bottom paper)
and wrapped it around and glued to the inside using hot glue gun.

Since it looks ugly on the inside,
I just simply glued the cupcake lid onto the bottom.
and used twine to make sprinkles and swirls... 
and of course, I had to add some orange metallic sprinkles and eyeball sprinkle ones, too... 
after all, it's Halloween!


Then, I made a custom box from this file (of course, from SVG Cuts!) to package these yummy treats!

With the box, I wanted to keep the look simple,
 so other than using Canvas Corp paper for the top of the box, 
I used background stamps (Worn Grid, and Distressed Dots) from Unity Stamp Company 
to 'decorate' the box.  

I also used Fright Night stamps to add odd bats here and there, 
and for the PERFECT label that I used for the top of the box.

For the measurement that I used for the box - 
Tamara (Happy Life, Crafty Wife) had already cut down the work for me, 
all you need to do it to go here.


See how cute it is to cut little pieces of twine to make it into a sprinkle?


And here... it's just glued down swirled twine, but looks so yummy!
(well, not so much when there's an icky spider on top!)


This one actually looks edible... 
I'd try this one.


... and this! 
Kinda tacky, but hey - 
it's fun, and it's Halloween!
Anything goes!

Oh, just wanted share this...

There's a SALE going on over at Unity!!!


I hope that you LOVED my project as much as my daughter did!
(It's currently sitting inside her toy kitchen oven...
and in few minutes,
she's gonna call me for a Halloween tea party!)

So, gotta go!
Wishing you a beautiful day!

( I decided to change my blog format to middle spacing...
do you like this better?
Is it easier to read for you?)


  1. Such a FUN cupcake project...I LOVE it!

  2. Genius as always Thienly! I can't decide which cupcake I like the best, obviously the twine ones are fabulous but the little eyeball one cracks me up! Great job & thank you so much for guesting with us this month at Trendy Twine!

    Trendy Twine DT

  3. These are just Adorable and so Yummy looking cupcakes. I just love the and of course our Trendy Twine just looks perfect with it. Thank you for being our Guest Designer over Trendy Twine this week!

    Kate - Trendy Twine DT

  4. OMG this is the cutest project EVER!!! Love those cupcakes...all the yumminess without the calories...LOL!
    TFS and congrats on being a guest designer over at Trendy twine!!!

  5. OMGoodness! These are adorable! So cleverly made! Thanks for guesting with us at Trendy Twine!!!

  6. Thienly, these are so adorable. Love them! You always come up with the cutest creations.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to be a guest designer for me.

    Lesley @ Trendy Twine

  7. These are so cute! and so much fun!

  8. This is awesome Thienly. Thanks for doing such an awesome job guesting with us at TT. Hugs, Anita

  9. These are so cute!! Thanks for guesting at trendy Twine today - you showed off the twine beautifully!

  10. Thienly, I am so thankful to have found you and your creative talents! These are the most spectacular cupcakes ever! I think they are all cute enough to eat! LOL. Not sure I could chew through the burlap, though. I do love your extra "twists" in your creations. Fabulous job on the cute box, too. Great idea to add the cute little bats. I do love center spacing on a's easier for me to follow along...but that's just me!
    Happy FWF Friday!

  11. Your cupcakes look delicious, yummy enough to eat! Thanks for being a guest designer for us over at Trendy Twine!

  12. WOW This is an amazing project. You are very creative. TFS

  13. LOVE your adorable cupcakes!!! (=

  14. The cupcakes are totally ca-uuuuute! So fun! They would make adorable decorations for sure :)

  15. Love these Thienly, so cute and adorably packaged too. :-D

  16. Thank you for the chance to win those cute bags. I keep trying to win them when they are offered as a giveaway.

    Love those cupcakes and they are calorie free the best part. Hope you had fun with your Halloween tea party.

    The centering does seem to make it easier to read so will keep that in mind for my blog.

    Have a Great weekend!

  17. I just love this, Thienly! It's just darling. Isn't the cupcake box a great box? Love how you used the canvas for the tops of the cupcakes. Nice job! So fun.

  18. Oh my goodness these are just adorable!!Love them!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Have a great weekend!

  19. WOW, WOW, WOW--these are so stinkin' cute!

  20. well now i want!!! wow, your project looks REAL! so cute!!!!!!

  21. These are so fun and yummy looking!! Thanks so much for being a guest designer at Trendy Twine :)

  22. Cute project! hope you enjoyed the tea party.

  23. Thienly this is all kinds of awesome. LOVE this project. Your cupcakes are the cutest. So colorful and creative. Love the way you used the burlap. You did a great job with the twine, too. Thanks so much for guesting at TT. It was wonderful to have you.

  24. your work just amazes me! love these....such a cut, Halloween idea.

  25. Creativeness just oozes out of you! Love those cupcakes!

  26. Looks yummy enough to eat!! Great job!!

  27. what cute cupcakes!! love the box you made

  28. Thienly, you are killing me with your awesome creativity!! :)
    These cupcakes look soooo 'yummy'! :)
    I also love all the decoration on the box and on the cakes!!

  29. TOTally cute! O my goodness, those cupcakes are the sweetest and I love the packaging you made for these. Fabulous project!!

  30. I am going to have to try one of these boxes! I saw one with onsies rolled into cuppies, yesterday! This is just fantastic!

  31. Fabulous project! So creative and fun!

  32. What darling cupcakes! I love this whole project!

  33. The cupcakes are adorable! What a fun project.

  34. These are so awesome! Thanks for guest designing with us!

    Trendy Twine DT

  35. LOVE these spooky cupcakes!! So glad to have you guesting with us :D

  36. So cute!!!! I love the sprinkles and swirls and burlap texture and twine! You rocked it again as always!!

  37. Fabulous as always! Thanks for guesting at Trendy Twine!

  38. This is a fantastic project! I LOVE the use of twine and the googlie eyes. Super cute. Thanks for guesting with us!



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