Sunday, June 10, 2012

You make life brighter - Unity SOTW 23

Happy Sunday!!!

Sunday means another new yummy stamp from Unity! Yeah!

Today's stamp is totally my kinda stamp - I LOVE lights, lamps, lightbulbs...  the look of them, and the meaning behind 'light'.  I just had to whip up a card when I got this.

So here it is!

Photobucket So simple, but pretty isn't it?

Oh, yeah, and pay attention to my Copic coloring! WHOO-HOO! I'm getting it! It's super fun, but everytime I start coloring, it makes me realize that I'm missing all sorts of colors! Endless addiction... and I first thought that having one set was enough! I'm so wrong! Now... I've built up to 4 sets of the Copic Ciao set of 36, and realizing that I still need more!

A look upclose:



Anyway, I hope that you love this stamp as much as I do, 'cause for all you folks that in in the Stamp of the Week club - this is coming your way!

AND... if you aren't a member yet - it's not too late! You can sign up for it by clicking here for more info!

Oh, and be back later with another blog post! So excited about this one!


  1. Oooh, very nice! You are getting the hang of coloring, for sure! I 'think' I want Copics.. but I am scared to invest into them and might not use them much.. gah! Buy me some? LOL jk! Love your card!

  2. Beautiful colouring and very nice card!
    Thanks for sharing! :)



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