Monday, January 3, 2011

SVGCuts New Design Team!

Here's the announcement for the 2011 SVGCuts Design Team.  Meet the two new designers - Amy and Tamara.  They are both absolutely amazing ladies!  I'm so excited to be working with all 3 fantastic designers and it's looking like there's going to be a lot of fun things coming up for all of you this year.  Click here to meet them.

I've been working away on my next project - almost done - so stay tuned.  It's pink, it's red, it holds candy, and it moves (well, in real life it would). 

There's a new collection out from SVGCuts - it's the Candy Heart Goodie Bags SVG kit and it's adorable!  and it's only $4.99! 

Finally, since I haven't posted anything in a long time, I thought that I would just post a quick card that I did for friend's birthday a while ago.  This is using ?? cartridge (I've been looking at SVGCuts stuff too much - I can't remember what cart this was! - can someone help me!), and it's pretty plain and easy but it's still fun so I thought I'd share. 

Anyway, stay tuned, I promise there'll be a lot of things posted soon - so please don't forget about my blog :)


  1. The hat and horn are from Celebration. I don't know about the lettering or scallop.

  2. Ohh, I love it! I absolutely love all your work. You are amazingly talented.

  3. Beautiful card...

  4. I hope to see their work soon and I'm pretty sure I've been stalking their blogs as I've stalked yours:P It's just amazing how even the cartridges impress me now!



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