Monday, January 10, 2011

My first Letterpress attempt.

I tried the Letterpress kit yesterday.  It was just so exciting to open up a box with a brand new tool!  In the box comes with a Letterpress mat, positioning foam stickers, double-sided adhesive to mount your plates, ink, brayer (a roller you use to evenly put on the ink on the plate), and some sample letterpress plates.

I took some pics so you can get the idea of how this is done:

You decide where you want the paper on the mat and hold it there with the repositionable foam adhesives.

You decide what plates you want letterpressed on your paper, and adhere them with the double sided sticker to the mat facing the paper (mirror image).  Apply ink on the letterpress plate using the brayer.  This ink was so thick, it was like touching a tar.  It's sticky, and it's impossible to wash it off!  I had ink all over my hands and could not get them off with soap and water. (Then, after some researching, vegetable oil did the trick and thankfully, it came off!  Letterpress has some wipes that is supposed to be awesome for clean-up, so I ordered that right away after this!)

 My first attempt...  I think that there was too much ink... 

After few tries, better... but could be a whole lot better...  I think that I'll wait for the wipes to arrive before I attempt it again!  Not too bad, though, I think for the first time!  I put some rhinestones on them and it became pretty!!!

I have also something exciting  - my fellow SVGCuts designer friend, Tamara (Happy Wife, Crafty Life), has designed for me a new blog linky!  I love how she took half of my flower ball, and used the colors from the flowers for the words.  What an improvement!  Thank you so much!  And, if you haven't been to her blog yet, make sure that you do - 'cause you're going to be blown away by how talented she is!


  1. wow wow wow
    I'm torn I don't want to read anymore about this letterpress but I want to read a whole more about this letterpress...I'm fighting myself! I love your blinky! I'll change it right away...

  2. Love the new blinky! As for the letterpress, I'm watching the other way... I can't afford another toy, LOL... :-D

  3. Ack! I might need that Letterpress thingy! Aw, man! My list grows so quickly! Looks fun!

    And I am glad you like your blog linky! I wonder why it's small though? Should have been the same size as mine and Cheryl's..

  4. Lookin good...I'm sure you will do some type of tutorial on this and explain more.



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