Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Card Pattern - Squash Album

I've had a number of requests for me to post the tutorial for the card that I made this Christmas.  I got the idea from Scor-Pal website and click here for the tutorial.  It was super easy, and it just added something different to the card rather than the plain card that opens up.  We took this idea into Publisher and wrote our letter and then we printed them out.   We made each of the folding squares 4" by 4". 

And I know this is a lot of reading, but for all of you that requested to want to read the whole letter (Actually, it is really funny - I think that my hubby did an excellent job of writing here, so if you have the time, it's a great way to get to know us!)  - here goes: (sorry about the fomatting - this is the best I can do)

Note to reader:
We both know that you aren’t actually going to read this, because Christmas letters are, as a rule, not all that interesting.  I have researched this extensively.  If you are still reading, you have already exceeded the average according to the Christmas Card Letter Percentage Read Index (CCLPRI).

Faced with this data, I simply could not go on. Then it came to me—you can write it!  Think of all the time you will save me!
Just use your considerable creative flair to first fill in all of the blanks, then read it!
- Adrian

Dear ___________ ,
                      your name
We sincerely wish you a Merry __________________
                                                                  holiday you celebrate
and Happy New Year!  We squeezed in a vacation to Japan in the spring, moved out for 4 months because an ________________ took up residence in our home,
                                               imaginary creature
Thienly developed a ___________________ addiction,
                                              word for how you smell today
and the kids turned into even more terrifying monsters.  I dealt with this by spending even more time than usual at work.  That pretty much sums up 2010.
Yes it is true, we did move in with the the in-laws while we renovated our ___________________
         same imaginary creatures
- infested home.  __________ would imagine that it
                                        your name
would be _____________________ living with Thienly’s
                word for how you feel reading this letter
parents, but actually it was awesome and we all really enjoyed it.  We had help looking after the kids, cooking, in-house babysitting - part of me thought we shouldn’t move back!  Our reno, which started as an extension to add a bedroom, turned into changing the flooring, the fireplace, the laundry room, and I think it's safe to say that I won’t be able to retire (ever).

Despite my lackluster efforts, Thienly will still not join PA (paper-craftaholics anonymous). She has collected an arsenal of equipment, started her “mod paperie” blog, and there are even ___________ who pay her to do crafting by giving her stuff to support her habit.
                      scary creatures

Admittedly, the ____________
                                                   same scary creatures
are very nice.  And I can't complain about having more time to do whatever I want — it keeps her very busy.  She took a break from her crafting the other day to tell me that her braces should be out before Christmas, then she went back to her craft-seeking behaviour.

Amelie will turn 2 in January, and continues to find ways to jeopardize her life that neither of the other two did. She also continues to beat them up & escape blame, get into things they never did, and throw everyone’s ___________________ on the floor.  Today
                                                                                                                                          your most expensive mobile device
she pushed a piece of furniture beside her crib and then used it to climb in, barely getting over the rails and then doing a face plant into the matress.  She looked quite proud of herself, but I’m not sure if she was proud of getting into the crib, or producing a horrified look on my face.  One of her favourite things to do is to clamber on top of any unsuspecting adult and demand their attention, and she does it with a princess smile (and a series of distinctly un-princess like grunts).  She further shows her princess behaviour by doing the opposite of what is asked, along with a stuck out lower lip to show her defiance. Nevertheless, this little_____ seems to have everyone wrapped around her cute little finger

Speaking of _____________, Kai
                                                same primates
will turn 4 in March. We have weathered the worst of the terrible threes by now, and he is at that veryputting him to bed, he told Thienly that he loves her, Daddy and Amelie.  When she asked about Adly, Kai paused and said, “I like Adly but he is not doing his Japanese homework!”  Apparently, he’s paying close attention to all of the conversations in the house!  He has such a positive outlook -  When I tell him I can't play with him because I am going to work, he says, "but you will come home tomorrow? Oh that's great!" and trundles off to join Amelie’s attempt to break your _______________ .

                                                                                                                                   most expensive mobile device  
Kai loves to play with either of his siblings.  While living with Thienly’s parents he shared a room with Adly, and would wake him up early in the morning by standing on the night table and then belly flopping onto him like a 35 lb bag of frozen ______________.
                                                                                                                                                                                          Your favourite carbs

I am sure that Adly was feeling loved at that moment.  Nevertheless, Adly does love playing with both Kai and Amelie.  Shortly after his 8th birthday this summer, Adly developed a new interest: reading.  Since then we have to limit the time his nose is in a book or else you might never see him.  When we moved back home in October, soon after he found his long lost toys, he was arranging his favourite books in his room. He has also developed a keen interest in technology, and if you don’t pay close attention you may catch him loading apps onto your ____________________.
                                            most expensive mobile device           

There are difficult challenges in life, like what to do with that ________________________________ or that
                 holiday food you don’t like that your relatives made
________________________________________ .
   other holiday food you really don’t like that your same/different relatives made
Unfortunately, there are more daunting burdens than these in our lives.  We wish you the strength to face your trials and the very best of all things in 2011.


Adrian, Thienly, Adly, Kai, and Amelie

PS -  _________________apologizes for the less than
                                       your name
exciting reading - after all,  __________ wrote it!


  1. Your scrubby did a great job! I giggled through the whole thing! And it really was beautiful!

  2. Your letter cracked me up... and your little one reminds me so much of my little one! LOL After all they're only 4 days apart... ;-)...



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