Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My new toy has been ordered!

As some of you guys know, I'm heading down to the States next month, and I thought that I would start my vacation early...  That is, start online shopping.  You wouldn't believe how many things I want are from US and only ships within US.  Or, they would ship it here, but the shipping is double of what anyone living in US would pay, or I get tacked on a huge amount of duty/custom fees and won't be worth it to order it.  So, if you live in US, consider yourself lucky!

Anyway, there are a few things that I've been eyeing, and I am proud to say that I ordered my first (hopefully of many!) and the biggest purchase (most likely) last night (picture below).  (We're going to be staying with our relatives for portion of the time, so I'm getting it all sent there)

This toy is the Teresa Collins Stamp Maker.  You can make your own photopolymer stamps at home!  Basically, you design what you would like for a stamp, make that into negative-like image and then print your image onto the film provided through your inkjet.  Then place the photopolymer packet and your image together, stick it in the UV light box for 3 minutes, wash the stamp, stick it back in the UV light box for 2 more minutes and it's done!  With this, I'm planning to make "mod paperie" stamp, our address stamp, perhaps kids drawings into a stamp...  and if I ever come across a sentiment or saying that I like, I can design my own and make it!  How exciting is that!  I will definitely make some and share with you my creations! Shown below is how clear and detailed you can get from this machine!

In the meantime, I started making some Valentine cards - here's two that is super easy (made from "from my heart" paper from SEI and Technique Tuesday stamp), but I think it's pretty! 

Better go now... that is, back to my online shopping :)


  1. That's it! It's official! I'm moving in! LOL! I saw Celeste post about a stamp maker.. and then came to your blog.. and there it is again! Ahhhhhhh! I want it! I am still new to this paper crafting world and have never heard of this!!

    Beautiful card too!

  2. I am getting me one soon as well.. I can't wait...

  3. Thienly
    Lovely card. Oh won't you have fun making your own gorgeous stamps. Enjoy the holiday.

  4. Wow, makes me want to drool and get one too!

  5. I'm very curious about this little machine or what ever it is. Where did you get it, how much does it cost and have you done something not over 1.5 inches? Can't wait to hear from you regarding this!!

  6. I want to buy this machine, But i don't know how? are there anyone who can help me to have this machine, that I can use it in my librairy?
    pls answer me here:



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