Thursday, January 20, 2011

I now understand why people are crazy over Unity Stamps! and other exciting stuff!

I had a chance to acquire some (actually plenty!) of Unity Stamps from their website during the yearend sale, with a bonus stamp every $10 purchase, and free shipping!  (The free shipping is still in effect until the end of January!)  I've really only tried the acrylic stamps, just probably because it looks clean and doesn't take as much space.  I guess it's a little cheaper as well...  Anyway, then I came across this sale, and I just couldn't pass it up!  It didn't matter what anyone said, I was getting it!  Many of their popular lines were marked down at an unbelievably good deals, and only limited amounts. 

I made some cards using these stamps last weekend, and I haven't got into the Copic or the coloring in the stamp thing yet, but I had some fun making them.  I actually like the images clean and simple, so I may stay away from Copic (I don't need to make my wish list longer!).  The stamps are awesome! good quality, packaging is pretty, and love how they all come as a collection, so it already gives you some inspiration as to what project you could create!

So, here it is:

This stamp is from "Going Retro" (oh, so cute! you've got to check out the whole set below!)
and used QuicKutz embossing folder and some Sizzix buttons.

How cute is that!
I am also in the middle of planning out my vacation - Yay! it's coming up in about 2 1/2 weeks!!!  It's very time consuming, but it's all fun!  I am savouring every bit of it, and I totally feel like my vacation has already started!  It looks like I'll be able to fit in all the attractions that we wanted to hit and plus there's extra days to walk around, shop and find places to eat yummy food!  I know it falls on the President's Day weekend, so there must be sales!!! 

Anyway, besides all that, I have some other exciting news!  I get to meet two of my fellow SVGCuts fans while I'm out there!  I'll be meeting Belinda Brown, whom I got to know quite well, and we're meeting in one of the Disney parks!  Looks like our kids will get to go on some rides together and have lunch.  The night before that, I'll be having some drinks with Xochitl Rico, who coincidentally was also staying in the same hotel, same night (we'll have our hubby stay in their rooms while we have fun!)  So, looks like I've got lots of things to look forward to!!!

Oh, and by the way, have you had a chance to take a look at the newest collection from SVGCuts - the free file of the week with $9.98 purchase.  This is beyond adorable - I think that we all need to get it!


  1. Aren't Unity stamps just amazing? I adore the Suzi Blu line and have branched out to a few others from them. I'm definitely becoming a collector of theirs! Your card is fabulous! I love the retro stamps, hmmm...

  2. What a fantastic card!!! What a great image!

  3. Hang on to your wallet! I have purchased so many Unity stamps and they do have great sales!! That free shipping is awesome, too!! Very striking card, I love that set. I just got the new SVGCuts set, I will have to use it soon, so pretty!!

  4. I'm so jealous you get to meet my evil twin and I don't!...
    As for copics, stay away from them, LOL... they are very awesome and addictive, just what you don't need! I don't have any, they're way too expensive... :-( but I use a cheaper version of alcohol markers by Prismacolor and I really love it. I wish I had more colors, especially very light ones...
    I am not big on retro stamps I admit. And since I started using acrylic stamps I have a hard time going back to rubber, even if it's cling ons! :-(

  5. Bee get on a plane girl! We would tear it up! Love that look's so you!
    We can't wait to get to the parks to meet u & the family! It's coming fast!



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