Friday, June 11, 2010

Tiara message book for the little princess.

Have you ever wanted to keep all guest messages in one book rather than piles of cards all over the place? This may be a great idea for you!

In this project, I used the tiara from Cricut Sweet Treats cartridge. I cut enough for the number of guests coming to my daughter's birthday party, and 2 more - front and back cover. I had everyone write their special message on the tiara and I glued pictures from the party on the other side. I then made a book bind with a heavier cardstock cut into a strip with a length of tiara bottom. I scored two vertical lines in that binding with the middle portion corresponding to the thickness of the tiaras pages that I needed to put in, and glued the front and the back tiara on the sides of the binding strip. I laid glue using hot glue gun down the inside center of the spine, placed all the tiara pages inside. Now, you need Yourstory (Book binding and laminating machine) to do this - I put this all in the machine, and a minute later - you have a handmade message book! You can customize your book by cutting out blackout/shadow images that would fit your theme. Make sure that your image does have a straight edge on one side so it could be bound together.

I decorated the cover with stickles (I got carried away! It's so fun to use them!).

I've posted a page with a message from my oldest son to her: "When you were 0-1, I was 7. You hit me a lot. I like it when you hit me. I like you."

Kids are just so cute:)

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