Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some odds and ends.

Life's been busy with my sister, who lives in Vancouver, came home to visit last weekend, and had two birthday celebrations for my son who turned 8. However, I'm posting up some cards that I've made recently:

I've also been busy working on my entry for the SVG Cuts June "All About Me" Challenge - I'll post up my entry very soon :)


  1. Make sure you save the blog award pictures to your computer and then paste on your blog and send on to a few blogs that you enjoy.

  2. Oh they are so pretty...curious how long it takes you to make a card?....it took me two weeks one time, is the only reason I ask. Do you go off of a picture or just go from your imagination?

  3. Thanks for the comments and the awards :)

    To make a card - once I start get going, I can make 3-4 in one night without procrastinating, which I love to do. All my cards and projects are made from my imagination, as I rather buy supplies than buy scrapbook magazines!



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