Friday, June 18, 2010

I want a 3-D card!

We just celebrated my son's 8th birthday party tonight. Being such a procrastinator that I am, I still had not made a card last night.

SO - to make my life easier (I thought that it would make it easy... what was I thinking... was I ever wrong!), I asked my son what theme he would like for his card. I was hoping that he would say robots, cars, or anything that I could cut out with my Cricut (with my selection, I thought that I would have enough files to cut anything that he would say). Or, I was hoping for an embossed card, or with buttons, or with rub-ons, or glitter... But, he tells me "Mommy, I want a 3-D card, a pop-up card." Well, that was the start of my LOOONG night.

I guess that I could have just made some cut-outs, and put some sort of wire spring behind it to make it jump out when you open the card. My son is a big fan of Robert Sabuda, a pop-art artist, so I decided to visit his site. I was excited to see all sorts of pop-up cards that you can make - from dinosaurs, to snowman, to hearts and then I saw a birthday cake! I was truly impressed with the site as you could download the templates, print it and then cut it out.

This cake had 4 candles, but he was turning 8. I thought it would be easy to make two of these candle cut-outs and adhere onto the card one after another. However, when I did that, the candles folded up too big and I couldn't fold the card. Then I tried to glue the candles and the cake in the folded position, and then when I try to open the card, the candles got stuck inside the cake and I couldn't open the card.

After long trial and error, I realized that there was no way to make 8 candles pop-up. Then it occurred to me that I could glue the 4 back candles onto the card, and it shouldn't affect the card. That's what I did, and it worked!

I then embellished my card with stamps from American Crafts, put glitter on the flame, and it actually turned out quite decent. I was quite happy with my attempt on a 3-D card. That was quite the challenge, but I learned a lot and had lots of fun making it.


  1. I have awarded you two blog awards for the beautiful work you do. Stop by my blog and grab your awards to post on your blog.



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