Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'll be Home for Christmas... SVG Cuts DT Project!

Hey everyone!
I'm here AGAIN with another Christmas in July project!
(You're excited, right? :) )

I decided to take on that already beautiful Maple Manor,
and {hoped} that I'd turn it into something even more beautiful.

What I've seen online from many of you making it was oh so amazing,
I acutally wasn't sure if I should even attempt it.
I saw a few of you make Christmas houses,
and Autumn houses... dollhouses...
and loved each one of them.

I, as a design team member, wanted to do something a bit 'more' special -
just so I can inspire you to go all out and give you more ideas.
That's my job, right?

Well, here's my take on the house all decorated for the holidays!

 photo DSC_1873_zpsa048dc12.jpg

I had SOO much fun making (or shall I say, building) this house.
I swear - being a paper crafter, 
I feel like I've had a chance to become a carpenter, a shoe designer, 
a party planner.... pretty much all the jobs one can have!

There were many things that I wanted to add onto the house 
and my mind was just filling up with tons of fun ideas.

Here are some major changes/additions to the house that I did!

1. I added a chimney!

 photo DSC_1843_zps57c6f537.jpg

This was a big container file from HERE,
but I shrank it down to fit the size of the house.

2. I changed all the windows from arched look to a rectangular look!
Click HERE to see the original house.

 photo DSC_1837_zpsfb8ab12d.jpg

All my windows came from HERE
and the shutters, I just used a striped embossing folder to give that look :)

3. I added a fence all around the house.
I wanted something to 'complete' the look of the house...
and the file from HERE was perfect!

 photo DSC_1847_zpsadde75e1.jpg

Instead of adhering the house in the middle of the 'base',
I pushed back the house to the back to allow more space at the front 
between the fence and the house.

Then, comes all the fun little accents that I put on the house.

I found light strands from HERE
and icicles from HERE
to make the house festive!

 photo DSC_1836_zpsefcf0f8a.jpg

Just a lightbulb cutout was a bit too boring...
and wanted a bit of 'uuumph'
So, I used glossy accents on them (2 coats)
to give a shiny 3D bulb look :)

I also added glitter (I used Stickles) to icicles as well.

One of my favorite parts about this house is that there's a SILHOUETTE OF A WOMAN 
showing through when you light up!

 photo DSC_1858_zps2dadd796.jpg

Can you see that? 

I added a mailbox from HERE
(of course, the file was shrunk quite a bit - 
but it toally cut fine!)
I had to add a CARDINAL perched on a fence - 
just added more cuteness to it!

 photo DSC_1875_zpscd6aeef0.jpg

Oh, see the PLANTER at the sides of the house?
It's a EVERGREEN FERN file that I cut and rolled up into a random ball...
supposed to be a shrub :)

The SWAG that spans the front of the house is finished off with the 3D bow (free!),
and added some GREENERY around the door, as well :)

 photo DSC_1842_zpsfceab860.jpg

Another silhouette which you can see inside the house...
it's a Christmas TREE!

I added a SLED leaning up the fence,
and a SCOTTIE DOG (all dressed up in his sweater)...
which all adds to the house! (I think!)

This house size is pretty impressive! 
It is about 13" in height,
12" wide and 9" deep.
It would make a beautiful decor!
(Pretty sturdy, too!)

Hope you liked my project!

For those of you that would want to make this, 
here's the list of the files you need:
(It is A LOT, and you certainly DON'T need this much to make it Christmas-y)
I added a lot, just for your inspiration :)

For my Valentine SVG Kit (mailbox and fence)
Happy Thanks SVG Kit (planter pot)
Christmas Gift Bags SVG Kit (scottie dog and cardinal)
Rockin Around the Christmas SVG Collection (woman silhouette, mistletoe, front door greenery and sled)
Comet’s Candy Land SVG Collection (tree silhouette and light strands)
3D Wintergreens (plant inside the pot)

... and then head on over the SVG Cuts blog for info on how to make it!

 Oh, and before I let you go - 
Have you picked up your latest SVG Cuts kit yet???

Remember - it's free with $9.98 purchase or more,
and coupon: FREEGIFT

Alrighty - gotta go!
I'm in the middle of trying to get my projects done before I leave for a vacation next week!
See ya!


  1. Once again awesome job Thienly!! I will be making this one for sure! Now to see which files I don't have (can't be many!!) and start gathering materials!

    Lisa J

  2. Impressive...Beautiful....Cute....Wooowwww....

  3. Your house is SO adorable!!! Love your work!!!

  4. Still swoooooning here Thienly...yeees I can see her through the window...it has been a joy to read your post and how much you loved popping it altogether..woohooo you have outdone yourself..truly stunning!!!
    Tracy xxxx

  5. Wow, your house is amazing!!! Love it!

  6. Girrl...you are AH-MAZ-ING!!! I mean it! Your craftiness is so fabulous :) I love how you incorporated so many elements and that you took time to show us each detail!
    Beth's Beauties

  7. WOW !!! Love all the details. Great job.

  8. Amazing!!! I love the house and all your special details.

  9. You have thought of everthing Thienly! Love every little detail, truly amazing and inspirational.... Can't stop drooling over here!

  10. How did you get the "snow" to stay on the roof? Just glue? This house is so awesome! You are very talented!! Thanks for sharing your work. =)

  11. <3!!! So many wonderful details really make this house amazing! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring!

  12. Wow this is amazing! Im so glad I found your blog :)

  13. I love the projects that you do for svg. I know this post is old, but I was wondering if you could help me. I am having problems with changing the windows in the silhouette program. Any suggestions. Thanks. Valerie

  14. This turned out amazing! Love all the little details you've added! :)



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