Friday, January 25, 2013

Beep. Beep. I'm a LOVE bot :)

Haa < Peee > Furaidei. 

Beep. Beep. (Crash!)
(Hopfully not.)

 photo DSC_0407-1_zpse71ba45e.jpg

So, as most of you have seen this adorable guy over at SVG Cuts FB page,

 let me share with you some close up pics of him - 

more so, his charming points :)

 What inspired me to make him was all the cool knick knacks that I have collected -

 bottle caps, spinners, metal knobs, various colored wires, wooden spools etc... 
thinking there MUST be something that I can make using those things!
 (I NEED to use them and PROVE that I AM USING them, 
or else the next crafty shipment that arrives,

 I know my hubby will give me that look...  j/k.)

Coming up with exactly what boxes was a challenge.  

There were TOO MANY options.
 Do I make his head round? 
Should he have legs? 
So, this one particular project is hopefully an inspiration to you -
 and feel free to change it up -

 give your own 'bot some personality and originality!

So...yes... back to his charming points.

He can raise his hand!

 Yep, this guy is full of tricks, isn't he? 
(The shoulder is attached to the body via brads, so he can even move his arm around to the back! 
Bet you can't do that!)

 photo DSC_0422-1_zps24282a4c.jpg

I must tell you that I've programmed him in with lots of love. 

Look at that heart meter!

Don't you just LOVE those gears

Mary made them for me when I told her that my robot needs them to come alive.

You can download them, too, over at the SVG Cuts blog 
(for free! Can't get any better than that!)

 photo DSC_0411-1_zps7a500be3.jpg

He also has mini screwdriver and a wrench with him all the time,

 in case something goes wrong. 
(which will NEVER happen, 'cause I made him well)

But, if that's the case, he's clever - 
he can fix himself! 

 photo DSC_0430-1_zps4756a60d.jpg
 photo DSC_0419-1_zpsed9a3a9e.jpg

His feet have 'weights' inside them, so he'll never fall from a slight push. 

You DON'T want a wimpy robot, right?

So, you wanna know what my BIGGEST CHALLENGE was? 

It was in writing this guy up to submit it in as my project. 
What to name him.
 I'm sure Love Bot has been used everywhere, 
but when I googled that name,
 it was definitely NOT the 'things' that I wanted to be associated with! lol.
 So... what would I call him? 
Mary from SVG Cuts, suggested to give him a name..
. but let's say, Thienly's LOVE bot... 
sounded worse to me. 
Kinda creepy. 
Then Leo kept calling it The Love Machine... uh huh... 
after all that discussing,
 I decided that it should be better kept simple, 
and no one else wouldn't think anything of it. 
(Of course, after reading this, you may!)

So, that's my project!

To make this LOVE bot - 
you simply need to pick up these files:

...and then head over to the blog for exact files used, dimensions and instructions.
(Oh, and you can download these GEARS there, too!)

 photo gears_zps40899736.jpg

Aren't they awesome?

Before I let you go - 
I've gotta give some LOVE to the newest kit that just got released today!
It's SOOO amazing!
I've wanted a WESTERN THEMED KIT soo bad.

Introducing... Happy Trails SVG Kit!

 photo HappyTrailsSVGKit_zps7b18fbcc.jpg

This would've totally went well with this project I did last year!

 photo DSC_8327_zps89b8f699.jpg

Alrighty - gotta busy Friday night ahead! 
Have a great crafty weekend everyone!


  1. I still think he should have been the love machine! LOL! *wink*. He's just so cute and has so much personality! Well done, friend.. well done!

  2. What an adorable guy; now that is talent. Thanks for sharing

  3. He is so adorable!!!!! I love all of the details you have added and the gears Mary created for you rock too! I love the gauge on him and how you used different materials (wood spools) to assemble him. Too cute!!!!

  4. This is just one of the most creative projects you have done! Wait!! I say that each and every time, don't I!!!! Well, can't help it! He's too cute! And you are so talented!

  5. Geez, this is crazy cool! And ps your commentary cracks me up ;)



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