Monday, October 7, 2013

Jack O'Lantern Candy Toss - SVG Cuts DT Project.

Hello once again!
I'm here to share my last project that I made for the SVG Cuts Halloween Party!
There's ONE MORE project(s) to be shared tomorrow from an amazing designer -
so keep your eyes peeled!

So, with the Jack O'Lantern-in-a-Box, Spooky Cuties Block Puzzle, and with this...
I literally felt like I was working in a Santa's Toy Workshop.
Except it was all Halloween toys!

 photo DSC_2724_zps2874f1b6.jpg

This one today is the BIGGEST project that I've ever created.
It is the BIGGEST one that anyone has probably ever created!
I had to break up the Jack O'Lantern file onto 3 12x12 mats and adhere them together.
You can kinda see how I did it here!

 photo CandyToss_zps4b1fc4b2.jpg

This originally was a card file, and then I blew this up numerous times...
and I had to break up the parts to change it for a larger mouth.
Larger mouth to accommodate candies! :)

 photo DSC_2731_zps19d9537d.jpg

Those teeth that you see are all made out of canvas!
That's right- 
these teeth are fully bendable and flimsy so it can allow all the candies in!
Yet - it's stiff enough to hold it in that position.

I added some fun things onto this board - 
such as the bat on a wire,
a freakin' pumpking looking at the spider hanging down,
and all the game points indicated on a rosette.

 photo DSC_2733_zps02f6380a.jpg

Rosettes are so fun to make, 
and super easy - 
yet it adds SO MUCH to a project!

 photo DSC_2736_zps61e844dc.jpg

I love the vintage look of these papers -
it's exactly the 'style' that I imagined these pumpkins to be!
I used Echo Park Apothecary Emporium collection.

 photo DSC_2729_zps5d7ba5b9.jpg

I had to create a 'sign' for the game.
It was important for me to pick the right carnival font - 
just didn't want to go with a blah arial or courier :)
So I went with Pointedly Mad font. 

So, when I showed this game to the kids - 
they were SO excited!
I got them to dress up in their Halloween costume for my little photo shoot.

 photo layout_zps149cb186.jpg

Don't they just look so thrilled?
Don't they look like 'We've got the best mama ever?' kinda expression? lol.
Well, even if they didn't, I sure felt good to make some handmade toys for them!

If you want to make one just like this,
all you need are the collections below:
1. Maple Manor SVG Kit (the pumpkin base)
2. Spooky Cuties SVG Collection (spider and bat)

...and then once you have them all - 
head on over to the SVG Cuts blog for files and its sizes used, and for instructions.

That's it!
Thanks for coming by  -
your visits always make my day :)


  1. Oh have such beautiful kids.....I could look at them forever!!!! And I bet they think of you as the best mom EVER!

  2. Thienly, just have to tell you again what an amazingly awesome project this is, and what and even more *awesomer* Mama you are! LOVE every detail about this and the photos and the kids are too adorable! Thanks for inspiring to us all :)

  3. This is another fabulous project! Your kids look like they are having so much fun with is too :)

  4. Thienly, what font did you use for your lettering? You amazed me again!

    1. Oops! Totally forgot to add that into my post! It's Pointedly Mad. Glad you like the project!

  5. Okay, I thought I was looking at a card at first and then, I noticed the true size and that it is a game toss! WOW!!!! Totally AMAZING! I love that your kids joined in the fun too!



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