Friday, October 11, 2013

From my oven to yours.

I've got a CUUUTE project to share with y'all today!
I'm so excited, because it's something that I've always to do when this FILE came out!
(since I've done so many Halloween projects - I felt like moving onto some Christmas!)

So, with this file -
I've wanted to add on a door that actually opens and a drawer that you can actually pull out!
...and that's exactly what I did!

 photo DSC_2767_zps45207aad.jpg

Super cute, right?
I made this into a Christmas themed oven -
using Echo Park Very Merry Christmas collection. 
With this oven, there's a place to add some of your baking (few pieces!),
as well as a place to send a gift card :)

 photo DSC_2761_zps9461005b.jpg

I made coils out of my wires and made that for the range.
The mini bottle cap is used for the dial for the top,
and the little gears were used for the dials at the sides.

 photo DSC_2764_zps9a26b3ee.jpg

An oven is incomplete without oven mitts and pot holders,
and I hung them up using the 7 Gypsies loops and hooks.

 photo DSC_2760-1_zpsb746490f.jpg

When the oven door is closed - 
it looks like this!
I used a mini wooden dowel as the handle
and clear acetate for the window.

 photo DSC_2765_zpsec193dd3.jpg

Opening up the oven door - 
you can pull out a little cookie pan box.
Looks like the cookies are nicely baked with a bit of browning :)

 photo DSC_2763_zpse9fb33dd.jpg

...and when you pull out the drawer at the bottom,
there's plenty of space to fill it up wih a gift card,
more goodies, etc!

So you wanna know how to make?
I took down some measurements, so you can make your own!
First of all - 
you need these files:

2. Classic Advent Christmas Calendar SVG Kit (to support inner oven door and drawer)
4. An Afternoon at Auntie Elaine's SVG Collection (oven mitts and pot holders)
6. Christmas Open House SVG Kit (box inside oven)

1. Open up the oven box from here, using the default size (11.4"w for the box_bottom.svg).
Instead of cutting out the front decorative elements (cabinet, oven door, and the drawer)
you will need to include these features in this main box_bottom.svg.

2. Break apart all the parts into separate elements, 
which makes it easier for you to use different papers as well.

3. For the box_bottom1.svg - once you have separated the elements,
elongate the height of the oven to 6"h. (It should be 9.043"w)

4. Add on a rectangle at the bottom for the drawer opening - 
3.014"w x 1.095"h.

5. Open up the face.svg from here (Advent Calendar), resize to 12.550"w and break apart.
Group together only the door 25 flap with the score lines, and delete the rest.
Add this onto the oven front.

6. Resize the oven door file to 3.05"w by 2.338"h.
Place this exactly where you put the door flap from 5.
Make a copy and put that oven door to the side,
break apart the oven door on the flap, and delete the frame, leaving only the window.

It should look like this:

7. You will also need to cut the inner supports for the oven door and the drawer.
Open the interior_boxes.svg from here (Advent Calendar)and resize to 12.550"w for door 25.
Open the interior_boxes.svg and resize to 10.05"w for door 20.
Regroup only those elements, delete the rest.
Put both in a horizontal position and resize both of them HEIGHT only to 6.43"h.
For box 25: 11.305"w by 6.43"h final measurement.
For box 20: 8.544"w by 6.43"h.
You may delete the numbers and change the cut lines to 'score' lines on eclips.

It should look like this:

Cut this out, but before you use this, you will need to trim off quite a bit (MOST) of the flaps to fit.
Adhere into the oven box, and cut out the rest of the oven parts and assemble.
You can cut a piece of acetate to form a 'window' for the door.

5. Cutting the drawers.
The drawer is from here - 6x8x2 box.
Resize bottom.svg, bottom_liner.svg, bottom.svg and bottom_sides all to 4.6"w.
Cut and assemble. This should fit the bottom.

6. The cookie tray box is from here.
Resize this to 8.2"w, cut and assemble.

7. Cut the rest of the embellishment files:
Oven mitts: 1.25"w
Pot holder: 1.50"w

8. I added some 'trim' by using basic circles to make a frame around the dials.
 Add wires, and other goodies and you're done!
Fill it up with yummies and you're ready to gift!

That's it!
Hope that you liked my project today 
and that you'll try it out!
If for any reason you have any questions -
feel free to contact me!

...and ooooh, don't forget about the new kit!
Always free with a purchase of $9.98 or more!
It's amazing!

Alrighty - have a great weekend everyone!


  1. And you do it again! You are seriously amazing! Your attention to even the smallest details is wonderful!

  2. The details on this are super the oven mitts-very clever!

  3. I love your project (of course) and adore how you made the door and drawer. However, the most surprising element to me is the hook on the side for the potholders! That was genius :)

  4. Wow - you are amazing. Your project turned out perfect and love how you switched it up!

  5. Wow - this is too cute!! Love the oven mitts and the hook idea!


  6. So absolutely adorable - love all of the tiny details - the mitts, coils, treats inside!!!! You are a crafty genious! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  7. Thienly!! Your oven is adorable!! This is something I am going to do!! Thanks for the instructions :)

  8. Thank you for doing this. It is exactly what I was looking for.



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