Friday, June 28, 2013

Old Fashioned Ice Cream Cart - SVG Cuts DT Project


Oooh, I'm so excited to be sharing my project today!
I really enjoyed making this one, and hope that it shows!
(This is a SVG Cuts project, but for Unity FWF friends -
I have used stamps in this project, so don't go away!)

A few weeks ago, I made an ICE CREAM TRUCK and that's what inspired me to make one of these.
I thought that it would be SUPER CUTE to make an ICE CREAM CART,
where one can actually filler up with chocolate chips, coconut flakes and sprinkles in the 'faux' freezer display area,
and also to hold some cones inside the cart.
Doesn't it sound oh so cute, already?
Wouldn't it be perfect for a summer ice cream party?

 photo DSC_1572_zpsb901e3bb.jpg

Tell me - 
isn't this the cutest thing?
I'm not usually the one to 'brag' about my project,
but I was just so pleased of myself.
(Especially that garnish station part!)

 photo DSC_1550_zps34c28178.jpg

Do you know where that file came from?
Yep - you guessed it!
It's from this kit, using the Curio Display Box -
and added the 'glass' by altering the canopy file from this kit.

 photo DSC_1552_zps66171f5f.jpg

Of course, ice cream cart needs an umbrella.
This came from this kit, only using the lid of the tent box.

 photo DSC_1555_zps6320730b.jpg

Like any real cart, I made one wheel bigger than the other,
with one being on the outer and one on the inner side :)

 photo DSC_1557_zpse0189bb7.jpg

Here's one of the sides of the cart...
and you see that handle?
It took me over an hour to decide what files to use.
I had a specific 'handle' in mind, and this was the closest that I was able to get!
It comes from using one of the crate boards with 'layered' top of the hammer pieces!

Sometimes trying to 'design' my project takes a LOOONG time.
I have a certain style in mind, 
and it's important for me to execute it the way I envisioned it.
That sometimes mean that I use different files from one kit, 
and sometimes from MANY kits.
I know that some get frustrated when I use SO MANY kits in my projects,
but that is why I use them, 
and you're more than welcome to find a similar file and use it instead! :)
I love that little 'chalkboard' sign that I made!
The 'family favorite' and the heart border is Unity Stamp Co.,
and the rest - I just used a white gel pen and I doodled it.

I also did a similar thing to the other side:

 photo DSC_1561_zps453038f1.jpg

... and here again, 'Menu' is a Unity Stamp Co.,
but everything else - it's freehand :)
Where would I find an ice cream menu stamp, right?

Now, this end opens!

 photo DSC_1569_zpsd803d043.jpg

...where it holds all the cones!
(well, not so quite 'all the cones' as it only fits like three!)
But hey - 
it's the idea that's cute!

I also 'decorated' the back, too - 

 photo DSC_1558_zps27e467f8.jpg

So, that's my project for today!

I hope that you like it as much as I do!

To make this cart, you will need:

Attic Treasures SVG Kit (display freezer)

...and once you have them all - 
head on over to SVG Cuts blog
for specific file dimensions and instructions.

Oh, and since I've got you here - 
Have you seen the new collection from SVG Cuts yet?

I just LOVE all the fun elements in this set!
I asked for a light bulb, a polaroid, telephone dial and a feather! 
and Mary included them in for me!
(not to mention the viewfinder - 
I've always wanted that!)
So excited to play with these elements!

Okay - gotta get back to entertaining my family from Japan, 
so see ya!


  1. WOW! Oh WOW!!! This is just AWESOME!!!

  2. This might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  3. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH my gosh!! this is amazing and so freakin' cute. love it!
    -Rachel w k

  4. i simply adore it, can't take my eye off, attention to details.
    btw lovely handwriting

  5. what a super ideal this cute and fun summer praty and ect. I love it!

  6. This is such an amazing project, Thienley! You are so talented...right down to the cart holding the cones :) That was an unexpected surprise and I LOVE it! I think your mind must run non-stop thinking of crafty things, right?

  7. OMG!!!!!!! This really really REALLY ROCKS!!!! That is all.

  8. WOW This is just amazing. It really does ROCK.

  9. How super cool is this??? I would love to have this ! :)

  10. Oh my goodness! Your creative inspiration never ceases to amaze, Thienly. This is adorable and the details are fabulous!

  11. The first time Leo posted your adorable Old Fashioned Ice cream cart, I knew it was another one of your grand creations. You are amazing girl! Love the idea of the cart holding the cones and all the little details that make this special. Simply spectacular!!

  12. Hi Thienly, you always make the MOST Amazing projects!! This is absolutely Awesome!! I LOVE it, and it's totally fun :) Incidentally, I just bought an ice-cream maker today..haha yeah, I'm a big ice-cream fan. Have a great weekend, and enjoy the time with your family!!

  13. WOW! And WOW again!! Amazing!

  14. I squealed so loud that my hubby came running! Amazing does not cover it. You rock!

  15. Wow that is awesome and you should be proud of it. I love the menu and how you used the stamps. The entire project is great

  16. This is amazing!! You have added the perfect papers, stamping and embellishments. This looks like a real stand. :)

  17. This is one of those projects I look at and say, "is that paper?", but I know it is! Fantastic doesn't even begin to cover it. You are an SVG rock star, my friend.

  18. This is so over-the-top adorable, Thienly! I love all of the details and I especially love that it is functional! I LOVE it!

  19. This cart is so amazing! Wow, all of your details are perfect!

  20. This is so adorable
    All are perfect

  21. This is so adorable
    All are perfect



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