Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Spring! Swing Set Decor - SVG Cuts DT Project

Hello, it's FRRRRIDAAY!
Oh, so can't wait!
(Not that I 'work' but still so nice to sleep in a bit on the weekends!)

I get to share my latest SVG Cuts project with you all today!
For my project -
I wanted to show you how cool it is to 'alter' a file a bit,
to make something completely different!

Remember the 'base' file from the Ferris Wheel that Mary made?
Well, I just simply took that file,
and reworked the file a bit to make....


 photo DSC_0642_zpsa8c36f0d.jpg

See, how it becomes totally something different?

Basically, the file was lengthened a bit and the inside 'triangle' shape was enlarged.

 photo DSC_0639_zpsf1feb5b7.jpg

It's not a box, a card, a layout....
not particularly 'practical'...
but my kids loved this, and it was super fun to make!
Makes a fun little springy decor, too!

It was fun to also take so many collections to put together into a project!

 photo DSC_0637_zps9e4ad7b7.jpg

This cute stamp is from 'bunnies and blossoms' - also designed by Mary,
available at the Unity Stamp Company website!

You see the pleated grass?
It's easy!
Just take a simple strip of grass cut out and just fold it back and forth,
and adhere it on just like that!
(You can also place the pleated grass on a double sided adhesive to hold it together 
before placing it where you want to go!)

 photo DSC_0634_zps2d94a0fe.jpg

I don't personally care for ants,
unless they bring me flowers :)

Aren't these bugs adorable? 
It's hard to hate them when they are oh-so-cute!

 photo DSC_0591_zps9562c778.jpg

I've used this branch in so many of my projects - 
it's so versatile and adds so much!

The swing is simple - 
just a 'paper slat' with jute twine tied around it!
Just this makes it so cute!

 photo DSC_0598_zps357b08f6.jpg

Now, if you look at the bee on the swing set rope, 
it's a fun addition, right?

But this brings me back a TERRIBLE memory for me...
I was about 4 when I just was able to get on the swing set by myself.
I was so proud, and wanted to show my grandma that I can do it.
I got on, and the instant moment I grabbed onto the rope,
There was a bee on the rope and I must've wrapped my little hands around it.
You can imagine how my rest of the day went!

 photo DSC_0627_zps149ba89e.jpg

I love adding the 'smallest' details onto my projects...
if you pay attention to the back - 
I've got pretty flowers blooming by the back fence.
Yes, even if it's a dandelion, it's still beautiful :)

 photo DSC_0638_zpsab127e81.jpg

...and here's a bunny enjoying the swing!
Luckily she sat on the right swing - 
otherwise, she would've been bitten by a bee!

That's it!

 photo DSC_0601_zpsfd81e879.jpg

Here are all the collections that I used in my project:

and if you're interested in the full instructions and dimensions of the files I used - 
please go visit the SVG Cuts blog!

Oooh, and a few things - 
a new KIT just came out right now!

.... and I have ANOTHER SVG Cuts project done - 
and will have that posted SOON!

Lots of goodness coming your way!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh, Thienly! I don't know where to start! I love all the little details in your scene, even the bee that stung you! I love his little vellum wings. Love all the busy little critters. Thanks for the idea about the grass. I'll be sure to try it!
    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful project!

  2. That spring swing set is simply amazing!
    What a great job

  3. How beautiful! Pretty little things, indeed! I so loved the swing and the bee!


  4. this is sooo awesome! I love projects like this. Can i ask what you used for the base? It looks like it has some thickness to it as opposed to a flat piece of cardboard. Thanks so much.



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