Thursday, February 24, 2011

Themed Birthday Party Invitations. SVGCuts DT Project. (lots of pics!)

I've created 6 fun themed birthday party invitations hoping to inspire all you crafty people out there to make party invitations rather than buying them.  They all have the same basic base from Elegant Framed Invitations SVG Kit from SVGCuts.  I added embellishments and cuts that were specific to the theme, and used fun fonts that would match the feel of the party and voila!  How fun are they?  This project was posted on SVGCuts blog a couple of weeks ago, while I was away on vacation, so - for those of you that has seen these - I apologize for you having to see them numerous times.  However, I do have lots more photos for you to enjoy!

For more detailed instructions on how to make them, and the files used, visit SVGCuts blog.

Dinosaur Party Invite.

Birthday Dinos SVG Collection

Carnival Party Invite.

 Construction Party Invite.

Cliff's Clubhouse Cards SVG Kit (tools)
Play All Afternoon SVG Collection (dumptruck)
Winter Bliss SVG Collection (border)

Garden Party Invite.

Make Up Party Invite.

Paula's Boutique SVG Collection

Tea Party Invite.

An Afternoon at Auntie Elaines SVG Collection

 Now, just to get your feedback - which one's your favorite???


  1. Wow, those are amazing! I love all of the themes-thanks for the great examples and inspiration.

  2. I love the carnival and the construction invite. I could see using the construction invite because I know what would go along with it, goody bags, games, etc. I'm not certain what I would do with the carnival but I LOVE the clown on the invite, so many details.

  3. Wow girl these are amazing. You put so much work into these it's phenomenonal. Just one must have taken hours. Wow you are so creative and talented.

  4. I just LOVE those. They are so unique! Just looking at them makes me smile!! :-D <3 The garden one is my favorite...

  5. I just found your site and became a follower. You are very talented - absolutely love your work! If I had to pick a favorite invite, I would pick the construction one. I love how you embossed the tires - its the little details like this that make your projects original. I also make a lot of projects using SVGs and just started a blog. Please stop by sometime if you are interested.

  6. Oh my goodness. I love that dinosaur card. Well I love them all but that one stands out to me. You do awesome work. I am your newest follower...I can't wait to see what will come next.


  7. They are all so gorgeous, I love each one's designs!

  8. How can you make me choose a favourite! They are all fabulous........I love the Tea party and the makeup.

  9. That looks awesome! Great job! I would love these unique themed birthday party invitations ideas, off course i would like to share it.

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