Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Inspired by... Crib mattress spring!?!?

Happy Inspiration Wednesday!
Actually, it's Friday today (I know!), but I thought that I'd link this up to FWF...
'cause I so was happy with the way this turned out, 
and wanted to to share it as I'm sure many of you missed it :)

So, happy FWF friends!
So glad to have you here!

 I am up on the Unity blog today, and I'm totally excited to share my project today!
(It's been awhile since I've posted -
feels SO strange!)

When I craft, I usually am inspired by looking at the beautiful Unity stamps,
or the pretty papers that are surrounding me.

Often, something that I see in my house
or at the store sparks an idea for a project.

For this one, I went online and browsed and browsed...
 until I had an A-HA moment.

Took me awhile...
so many ideas have been done,
and I wanted to do something different.

So... this is what I found.


Loving this kinda look these days...
Vintage office.

What inspired my project?

This crafter is brilliant - I loved what she did with it.
See her post here.

I decided to make my own 'spring' card by weaving wires.
I'm pretty excited by the way it turned out.
I think that it's got that similar look!


I used Echo Park This and That Christmas papers, 
along with stamps from November 2012 {so into you} KOM



You can see that the wires are uneven... 
but I think that it adds to the 'handmade' look :)

I had A LOT of fun with this challenge - 
... and I had NO idea what project I was going to end up doing!

If you're ever in need of inspiration,
look online - there's SO MUCH out there!

Well, I hope that I inspired YOU today! :)
Have a beautiful day!

(Oh, and join me tomorrow for a Unity hop! :) )


  1. I love your card so unique looking. I think the uneven wires give the card added charm. I'm going to have to steal ummm I mean borrow this idea. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me today.

  2. Love it, Thienly! It's a wonderful creation from your inspiration! :) Awesome!

  3. That is awesome! So very cool - it's amazing in card-sized form, and now I kinda want to make something like this to hang by my it!

  4. What a fun way to use a crib mattress and your card is just amazing! I love how all of the random little things look so perfectly at home on your background!

  5. So creative. You come up with the most unique projects.

  6. wish I would have kept the crib! great interpretation

  7. This is really neat! What a great idea!

  8. Fun card, good showcasing of Unity stamps.

  9. Super card! It's so different....I love it!

  10. such a fun card! great inspiration idea!

  11. Wow, adorable project. I love your inspiration photo with the cribsprings.

  12. This is all kinds of awesome!!

  13. Oh my god girl!!!! This is soooooo creative.

  14. Fabulous! I love the kinda "jenky" look of the wire too! All of the texture is excellent. LOOOVE it!

  15. Love the mattress spring you created for your card! so unique and fabulous!



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